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Born from the desire to convey the love for our mysterious, pristine, diverse island, rich in traditions and breathtaking views, and its Phoenician, Roman, Pisan, Aragonese, Spanish, Piedmontese capital, or, in simplest of synthesis, Cagliari. Us of Viva Cagliari Tour, with our professionalism we want to tell not only the sights but also the atmosphere, culture, characters, flavors and fragrances. We offer our experience to spend an special holiday, full of emotions to take home and a wealth of memories to keep and share, believe that the most valuable treasure is made of experiences. Let yourself pamper, flatter and accompany the discovery of the immense natural, historical, artistic, cultural and archaeological heritage of the City of the sun.


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Visit Cagliari and the south Sardinia on a typical ’60 Italian car. From the city center to Campidano for tasting sardinian food and living local lifestyles.