I’m Valentina, a graduate in Cultural Tourism and licensed cultural tour guide since 2008 for Cagliari and its province.

The enormous love for my Island, where I grew up, and for its cultural heritage have always made me think that one day I would be studying its history, art, culture and tradition. After many years of experiences in the most important cultural sites of the region’s capital, now I am glad to share my lovely Sardinia with you, its secrets and hidden corners, its countless treasures. Regardless of the place in which you’ll be I’ll let you live a unique experience that allows you to take home a piece of this magical country.

Romantic breathtaking views, fascinating narrows streets, mediaeval towers and old roman monuments, through insurmountable and massive walls and ramparts. And also exciting tours to discover characteristic villages immersed in countless vineyards and olive groves where you can taste the delicacies of our land. I’m sure I will make your day perfect and bring you a little bit closer to “my home land”. I’m looking forward to welcoming you here in Sardinia. See you soon!

PS: Don’t hesitate to describe your interests to me and to ask for a tour designed to match those interests. 🙂


Hi my name is Massimiliano and I am the one who will conduct you to discover our Island. I started working in 2000 and after a course of touristic performer and a work experience in England, I have lucked to feel intensely the pleasure to know new people every day as an entertainer in Costa Smeralda in the north of the island. Found of tourism, sport, in particular cycling, and nature, I love to be surrounded by new people and to know new culture.
In cooperation with Viva Cagliari Tour I’ll be happy to lead you, in the company of professional tourist guide, to discover the wonders of our land, to have fun and to make unforgettable your holiday.



Hi, I’m Natascia and after graduation in 2014 in Cultural Tourism Operator, I’m nowadays a professional Tourist Guide.
Over the years I have honed my profession through different experiences including the participation in different edition of Monumenti Aperti, annual event of national importance. I love my job and I’m very lucky to work closely with the beautiful heritage of my island. Thanks to its wild landscape, its jagged coastlines and its mysterious villages, Sardinia will show us places from a different time.
It’ll be an honour for me to admire and to introduce you to our treasures and to become your holiday an exceptional adventure.